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Photovoltaic Electric Systems

Solar Hot Water

At Solar Help Hawaii, we make sure that the solar panels and solar water heaters we sell, install, and service are up to par with the needs of our customers.
With solar water heaters, roof-mounted solar collectors heat water during sunlight hours and store it for later use in a take. These tanks have back up electric power in case of overcast or rainy days. Solar water heaters may be eligible for a $750 instant rebate from the Hawaii Energy Efficiency Program, a 30% Federal tax credit, and a 35% State tax credit.
We know that electric bills can be draining. Let us minimize your expenses today!
solor hot water

Photovoltaic Panels

To cut down your electric bill, build HECO credits, or take the maximum advantage of a 30% Federal and 35% State tax credit (capped at $5,000 per year), consider a photovoltaic system. These systems produce electricity that is fed back into your HECO meter. Installing a photovoltaic system on your roof may be one of the safest investments you'll ever make!
If you've chosen to have us provide you with one of our photovoltaic or solar water heaters, you can rest assured that you're getting Oahu's very best in solar energy solutions. We're factory certified, and are prepared for any contingency. We make sure our team of experts is equipped with the right equipment, tools, and knowledge for the job.
Photovoltaic Panels

Solar Attic Fans

Take advantange of your attic space to cool your home with solar exhaust fans, which can reduce the temperature by as much as 10 degrees inside your home. Electrical hook-up is not required. The fans are self-contained and powered by the sun. You may never have to use your AC unit or ceiling fan again!
The fan works year round, in all types of weather conditions, but performs best when the climate is sunny. Our installation experts can even mount solar exhaust fans to open beamed or cathedral ceilings. All solar tax rebates apply to these units, so you can expect to pay under $400 per fan, including installation. Natural Light Solar Fans have a 25 year warranty!
Solar Attic Fans

Solar Pool Pump

  • Solar pumping of water is the MOST COST EFFECTIVE use of solar.
  • ZERO operating cost monthly, annually and for the rest of the system life
  • 30% Federal income tax credit on total system cost
  • 35% Hawaii state tax credit or 24.5% refund
  • The only pool pump that puts money in the owner’s pocket over the system’s lifetime
  • Quick break-even time
  • Five-year pump warranty – longest in industry, designed to run for 10 years
  • Perfect for remote locations Ideal for koi and fish ponds
  • 92% efficient pump
  • Optional AC or battery operation for 24-hour use
  • Long run time improves water quality
  • Works with salt water pools, reduces need for additional chemicals
  • Existing AC pump can be left in place for back-up or nighttime operation
Solar Pool Pump

Solar Pool Heating

Swimming Pool Heating Systems - Even in Hawaii, the months of November through March may mean no swimming in your chilly pool. Heating your pool can mean a pool party all year round. A solar pool system can raise a pools temperature by as much as 10 degrees or more. Pool temperature can be controlled to achieve a desired temperature during the colder times of the year by solar collectors mounted on the roof and a controlling system and valve attached to the existing pool pump. Hot tubs can also be heated by solar. Pool systems are also eligible for State tax credits of 35% with a maximum of $2250 per year.Solar Help Hawaii prides itself on having professionally installed systems
Solar Pool Heating

Service and Repairs

Service and Repairs- One of Solar Help Hawaii's specialties is our services and repairs. We offer same day service and also repair systems that were installed by other companies. We service all makes and models of Solar Hot Water, Photovoltaic, Solar Pool Heating, Photovoltaic Pool Pumps, Attic Fans, and Clima-Tek Solar AC units. Small or big repairs, you can count on Solar Help Hawaii to be there to HELP you!
Service and Repairs

Solar Split System AC

  •  12,000 BTU Split System   
  • Connect up to 3 solar panels (780 watts max)   
  • Save up to 70% of cost to run AC   
  • No utility approval required   
  • Federal & State (Hawaii) tax credits   
  • Cost only cents per day   
  • Incredible ROI!   
  • Can work with existing central units   
  • Also available in 12,000 BTU off-grid system 
Solar Split System AC
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